Exploring China: Pictures That Show It’s a Must-See Destination

By Ishita P

Made in China—these three words are famous all around regardless of which part of the world it is. It is aptly so because no one does it like China. The country seems to house the best brains of creativity and innovation in every field. From architecture and technology to culture and cuisine, every possession of theirs is a matter of marvel.

Sure, we’ve all heard about the amazing innovations coming out of China, but now let’s take a peek at a treasure trove of pictures that will truly tickle your curiosity and show you just how stunning, diverse, and wonderfully one-of-a-kind this nation truly is. No need for a long preamble, let’s jump right in and explore the top 50 images that celebrate the rich tapestry of the Chinese landscape.

The 88-metre Goddess of Beauty

When celebrating culture and tourism, China knows how to make a splash! Case in point: the Yang Asha statue, lovingly dubbed the ‘Goddess of Beauty’ by the Miao ethnic group. This statue towers over the rest, standing proud at a staggering 88 meters in height—the tallest of its kind in the whole country!”

Image by w.n__t on Instagram

Nothing Much To See Here, Just a Cyberpunk Dog!

We always hear about how the future will be highly dominated by artificial intelligence and, most importantly, ROBOTS! Perhaps it’s time to believe that this often talked about future is here, at the present, as evident from this cyberpunk picture…

Image by nonemaw on Reddit

A Hotel Featuring Incredible Jade Carving

Almost everyone would agree that if there’s one thing that adds more depth and beauty to this world, it is art. This picture featuring a lovely Jade carving from a hotel in China is a pleasure to watch, and the intricate details of the piece add more charm to its delightful sight.

Image by Amateurlapse on Reddit

The Pentagonal Mart in China

Shanghai is a city full of surprises; this time, it’s no different, as evident in the picture. The city is home to this sprawling pentagon-shaped shopping center, built in 2009. But the surprising element here isn’t its shape or size but the fact that it was discarded soon after.

Image by w.n__t on Instagram

Statue of Guan Yu — The Warrior God

China is home to massive sculptures and enormous figurines, with the Guan Yu statue being one of them. Designed by Han Meilin, the statuette located in Jingzhou honors Guan Yu, the defied military general. Owing to his gallantry, he is also worshiped as a guardian deity in China.

Image by sleepingpanda on Shutterstock

Hotel of Divinity

This picture presents a view of the remarkable exterior of the Tianzi Hotel in China. The 10-story building features three legendary figures made with intricate detail and a sense of regal grandeur. These figurines are designed to mirror the appearance of three Chinese deities, Fu, Lu, and Shou, hailing from the Ming dynasty.

Image by snapshot___story on Instagram

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