Arabian Adventures: What Only Dubai Can Offer

By Ish B January 17, 2024

The Middle East can be an exotic place for many people who haven’t been to that side of the world. Contrary to popular belief, Dubai isn’t just about camels and sand dunes. The country is abundant with many unique attractions, with the Burj Khalifa as just a start, which is the world’s tallest building. Emirati cuisine is also a unique world to dive into since they eat a plethora of meats, including beef, lamb, and even camel! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then you simply can’t miss out on tasty dates, which you can get at markets everywhere. Be warned though, that Dubai is a pricey place, so make sure you’re packing enough cash for your travels there. What you’ll find on this list is a whole bunch of things that you wouldn’t expect to find in Dubai, such as a cheetah riding shotgun in a fancy sports car or even people playing tennis in the sky! You’re sure to be amazed by all the crazy and one-of-a-kind experiences only available in Dubai.

No Date Zone

Beaches in Dubai have designated areas where people can enter, and only for certain groups of people. This family beach is designed for women who have families meaning a husband and kids. If a single guy is there alone, he can’t enter.

image courtesy of Jerusalem Online

The beaches in Dubai aim to stop men from ogling at women on the beach. Sometimes it’s good to go to the beach and stare at other people for inspiration when you’re trying to be fit. In contrast, other times it can be too intrusive. Good on Dubai for creating segregated beaches!

High Class Stables

These high-class stables are for high-class horses. Why keep them in a barn where it’s too hot when they can relax in a horse- hotel lobby? These horses are getting the best treatment in the world, and they certainly can’t complain about their 5-star living quarters.

image courtesy of

In addition to being able to see each other and discuss their previous victories on the track, they love their climate-controlled environment and being out of the hot desert sun. They are pampered thoroughbred racehorses, after all. And it just goes to show how much people in Dubai value their prize Arabian horses.

Mercedes 4×4 and a Camel

If you’re out in the desert and have enough time, why not take your camel out for a walk too? In Dubai, it’s common to see camels lounging around and hanging out next to very expensive cars. This guy doesn’t have a trailer to put his camel in, so he thought he’d take him out on a walk instead.

image courtesy of Funny/9gag

It was thoughtful of him to give him a jacket since the heat can be too much for camels to bear. We hope they made stops every few hours so the camel could lap up some water. With all this heat, good thing he has a cover to avoid heatstroke!

Constant Building

In Dubai, constant builing sites and cranes are a common sight. From every angle and viewpoint, it seems like new skyscrapers are always being constructed. That’s because Dubai is a buzzing and growing city, and each new building brings with it investments and a contribution to the economy.

image courtesy of

Dubai is a powerhouse, and just like developing countries in Asia, it aims to be the best of the best. They’re not far from it, though, and they’ve certainly outdone themselves with all the architecture. Kudos to them for their impressive technological feats!

Dubai Civil Defense But in Style

The Dubai Civil Defence is located in Dubai, in the Arab Emirates, and they’re usually fighting crime in style with their industrial and commercial safety and security top-of-the-line vehicles. They’re usually sent for rescue missions when things get awry.

image courtesy of teddyfeed

You’d usually expect an ordinary car to pull up like a Suzuki or even a Honda, but in Dubai, you should expect more. The Dubai Civil Defence is so fancy that they even have hummers and sports cars helping people out. If we could rate their service, we’d give them 5/5 for those sweet rides alone!

The Wonderful Aquatic Life

Even the fish have it made in Dubai, and we’re kind of jealous of them. This whole aquarium is the size of our entire apartment building, if not more! They genuinely value wildlife in Dubai and only want their animals to have the best of the best.

image courtesy of dubai/pinterest

At least they’re treating them very well since fishes and sea creatures need a lot of space to roam freely. While you’re shopping in Dubai, why not pass by the aquarium for some peace and serenity? You’re sure to see a few colorful fish that you like.

Gold on Gold

Gold seems to be Dubai’s favorite color since you see it everywhere you go. A guy probably saw his neighbor’s gold hummer, and he thought to himself: “well, why can’t I have one too?” When you drive into a parking lot, you’re very likely to see a row of golden cars lined up.

image courtesy of engadget

It’s an incredible sight to behold, especially when you’re not the one who’s spending millions of dollars on one hummer. It’s worth it to book a flight to Dubai just to take a glance at their lavish lifestyle. Since we’ll never be able to afford 10 golden Hummers and Porsches, let alone 1, it’s nice to at least look at them and dream about owning one.

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