5 Diverse Approaches To Parenting Across The Globe

By Peter C

Parenting styles can vary greatly around the world, with different cultures having unique approaches to raising children. From Sweden’s ban on spanking to Bulgaria’s generous maternity leave policy, here are five parenting styles from around the world that may surprise you.

Source: @sofatutor/Unsplash

1. Corporal Punishment Bans in Sweden

In Sweden, spanking children has been illegal since 1979, making it the first country to ban corporal punishment. Today, over 50 other countries have followed suit, prohibiting the physical punishment of children.

2. Maternity Leave Policies in Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers an impressive 410 days of maternity leave to new mothers, with 90% of their regular pay covered before and after childbirth. The parental leave can be transferred to the father even after half a year.

3. Sleeping Practice for Babies in Norway, Finland, and Sweden

Nordic countries like Norway, Sweden, and Finland encourage babies to nap outside, even in freezing temperatures. Parents believe it offers health benefits and reduces the risk of catching illnesses from indoor air.

Source: @everythingcaptured/Unsplash

4. Bedtime Schedules for Children in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and India

In Hong Kong, India, and Taiwan, children often stay up late, with bedtime around 10:00 p.m. By contrast, parents in New Zealand and Australia typically have a bedtime of 7:30 p.m. for their kids.

5. School Attendance Laws in Liechtenstein

While school attendance is mandatory from age 5 in many countries, parents in Liechtenstein have the option of delaying their children’s enrollment until they reach 7 years old. Despite the later start, Liechtenstein claims a 100% literacy rate.